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Monday, April 10, 2017

Why Students Should Play More than One Sport

It is no secret amongst parents that the pressure related to playing youth athletics has dramatically increased since the time of our own childhoods.  Club sports and highly competitive school sports teams have caused parents to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for their children to participate, take private lessons and hire personal coaches.  There has been a growing mindset that children need to start a particular sport young and they need to "specialize" in their sport of choice in order to be competitive,  In other words, "forget playing varsity basketball unless you have been playing on select teams since you were five years old."

There is a growing amount of evidence that states this ultra intense-focused approach to athletics is counter-productive for children.  At University Lake School  almost 80% of our Upper School students play more than one sport.  Read the article below to understand why this multi-sport approach is really int he best interest of your child.

Playing One Sport a Year Isn't Smart for Kids

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