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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One of the more notable charactersitics of the University Lake School cuuriculum is how public speaking is interwoven across all academic subject areas.  At ULS, students are expected to present to other students and  teachers on a daily basis.  This expectation starts from the onset of a ULS education in JK3.  The pattern of researching, creating and presenting is a constant in the ULS educational platform.  The depth and sophistication increases as students progress through the grades. The fourth grade Magnum Opus Project, 7th & 8th grade Honors Projects and the Senior Project are important ULS milestones in developing competent and confident public speakers.  Student led assemblies are also a key activity that develops public speaking skills.  Read the article below that concisely outlines why public speaking skills are as important as ever.

The freshman class organized and presented at our all school Founders Celebration.  

The Importance of Public Speaking

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